.​.​.​.​.​And they Called Us Savages

by The Brat Attack

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released February 21, 2015



all rights reserved


The Brat Attack Ottawa, Ontario

Formed late 2001 w/ the idea of creating a political punk band with pop punk song writing. The band has gone through many line up changes while doing 16 Cross Canada tours, 4 full lengths and multiple EP releases. Has sold over 8000 albums, 1 release in Australia (Eight Ball records) and released with Universal Canada/Undergound operations in 2005. ... more

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Track Name: Dirty Aids Filled Indian
Fuck Canada and its apartheid, its cold-blooded attempt at genocide.
The states murder, conquer, destroy and divide the blood-soaked land they hide.
They called us "savages" as they murdered our children, “uncivilized” as they beat and raped them.
The attempt at a mass eradication -- just look at the fallen Beothuk Nation

Fuck you, bigots and racists, you ignorant fucking hipsters.
Fuck your sports team’s logos. You have no regret and it shows.

Goddamn you, racist media.
Idle no more and we will show ya a people backed into a corner.
Colonialist mentality is a cancer.
We must destroy and build back up, show what equality is all about.
Cut us down as much as you can, (we are) resilient to the oppression.

They use words of hatred to break us down and try to make us feel less than human. Prairie nigger, sausage, half-breeds, a dirty AIDS-filled Indian. These words are used by oppressors of the withering empire. You say you are not racist but still choose to use them.
Track Name: Heil Seitan
I want my tofu deep fried twice, heavily battered and southern fried.
Fifteen different spices, cornmeal and nutritional yeast.
I got my soy feast to replace the meat.
I care about the environment and suffering of animals, so I choose another way to keep my big ole belly full.
Just don't want to eat like a rabbit or a hippie.
Gimme gimme gimme cruelty free and greasy.

Hail seitan, hail seitan.
Sleazy greasy tofu bacon is so fucking tasty.

Spicy, yes y'all, fucking battered gluten balls.
Smoky, heavily-drenched maple syrup bacon tofu.
I want arseloads of hummus on my falafel.
I want this burger drenched in melted Daiya CheeZ.
This mouthgasm brings me to my knees.
Sweet potato fries to dip in tahini, kung pao gluten with some crunchy broccoli.
An evil holy book of tastebud delicious destruction.
The all-knowing, all-powerful VEGANOMICON!
Track Name: Inner Scene Class Wars
No more songs called “Punx Unite,” Fucking lyrics are full of lies.
The scene is a mess, we always fight, we preach this shit but no one tries.
It's time to end this schoolyard shit.
Do it now before we finally split.
No use for words, try actions instead.
Find somewhere else to bang your heads.

Inner scene class war, we're sick of it. Let's end this shit.
We could take these streets.

Punx together will defeat.
Let's tear down the borders within, punx as one will rise again.
We can live our lives the way we want, there are no rules and fuck the law.
Unity is not too far gone.
No more war, let's move on.
There's no class, we won't fill no slots.
Let's stand our ground, before it's all lost.
Track Name: Angst and Anger
I can't even count how many times punk rock saved my life.

Sometimes I love it for the community spirit and other times I loathe it for the selfishness and spite.

It was a tribe when I grew up without a culture to call my own, an outlet for much-needed identity and rebellion.

A soundtrack to my political angst and anger, the fastest of blast beats to dance to.

Friends and family we all came to be, where I felt first embraced by equality.

The music I grew up with had such a profound impact on my life, knowing that people felt the same insecurities and everyday strife.

The frustration of living in a genocidal nation, my disconnection from the native community, suburban segregation.

All the times I am grateful of not going through the poverty of the inner city.

Glad punk rock made me feel connected to the struggle, a base for unity.

Greatest moment I have ever experience was when Fugazi dedicated ‘Waiting Room’to the memory of Jai.

Everything stopped, exploded, joy and sadness, I was home.
Track Name: When Our Heroes Let Us Down
Held so high, heroes of our generation refused to acknowledge their limitations.
No one can live a perfect life trapped in the boundaries of first-world strife.
Maybe we were naive and young with great hope that we could escape the capitalistic ropes, the ones that entangled our progression.
Cut the ones we could to end oppression.

The PC fanatics’ vile suppressive tactics do the job for the powers that be, creating segregation in our communities.

So many activists that gave up, threw in the towel when no armed revolution seemed to prevail.
Maybe our heroes had let us down.
Some did, but many others had grown, expanded the conversation beyond ‘Us vs. Them’, that the "us" is much greater than we imagined.
It's the mentality that your "scene" is most significant that keeps people of colour/different backgrounds at bay, absent.
Change the way we look at the world, change the way we look at ourselves.
If we want revolution, start with our brains, because to the outside world, we look insane!
Track Name: Gloom Doom and High Fives in the Living Room
I feel like I have woken up too many times today and I don't feel like I am going to be OK.
This feeling of dread is something I cannot shake.
I'm alive inside, but sometimes I don't feel awake.

Do you ever get this feeling too?
Do the days pass you by, do you feel blue?
Do you ever, my friend, feel this way?
Days of nothing accomplished make you feel shame?

There is something out of nothing that makes you feel free.
No matter what they do, they cannot break me.
I may just be the media terrorist that they fear, this voice is my guitar for all to hear.
I love my free time, it is best to share with friends.
I do get depressed when I spend it alone for days on end.
Don't think we are supposed to live this way, a punk house full of life, joy high-fives, start the party today.

Do you ever get this feeling too?
That there is nothing in the world that can stop you?
Do you, my friend, feel this way?
Gorilla Biscuits said it best, let’s start today!
Track Name: Community Project Circle Pit
She breaks the rusty padlock, making sure not to attract the cops.
We all shall occupy this house, a start of a community squat project. This beautiful abandoned space, ripe from years of neglect.
Time to rebuild it back up, reclaimed by punks, artists and activists.

A new stage, a space for music and poets.
A donated sound system, worm bins for compost and every wall is painted different, an array of beautiful images.

Freedom of expression is truly encouraged here and there's always tons of homebrew and plenty of beer.
Vats of delicious cider are fermenting in the basement.
Bass-bumpin’ dance parties galore and living room circle pits.

We stop it falling through the cracks, we are taking it back.
This new life project overtakes years of neglect.

All are welcome, the door is always open.
Just respect the people who live in this home.
General meetings, to reach mass consensus, everyone is involved in every single decision.

We cook and clean together, no hierarchy to be found here.
Dumpster produce and five-finger discounts acquired with no fear.
So now many years have passed and we paid the utilities.
No longer a squat, but a legal residence for all our communities.
Track Name: Jesus Cries 'Cause we see Through His Lies
Fuck you, you moral authoritative fanatics, these erratic fascists. Christians! Religious right maniacs, you patriarchal bastards.
The self-righteous leaders, priests and pastors leading lambs to slaughter.
You’re implicated on numerous counts of genocide - First Nations’ demise.

There is no god and I have no fear.
Why are you so afraid to be queer?
Let’s burn the articles of faith and to break free, no need for Jesus to find mortality in me.

Christian lies, I despise, I despise.
Jesus cries because we can see through his lies.
Track Name: Bring Me the Head of Tom Brodbeck
Tom's opinion pieces are trash, they attack the poor and working class. Just a mouthpiece for the right-wing agenda, deplorable, despicable Sun Media.
You want to shut down the rights of the unions, the power and the voice of the working class.
Give it all up for markets of "free" capitalism, the same system that bankrupted America.
Hold the Mustard, let's eradicate the Brodbeck. I got the rope, so bring me his fucking neck.
While we’re at it, get Charles Adler and Bill O'Reilly too. Fuck it, kill ‘em all, a neo-con mass execute.
Track Name: A Reason to Spoil Your Ballots
They gave us false hope that something would change but it's just American imperialism in blackface.
The same oppressive tactics to make dissidents submissive by a show of military force and mass violence.
Now, don't get me wrong, one is a wolf and one is a fox.
One party kills on sight, the other is sly with its tricks.
Their goals are the same, so the machine stays in power.
It's business as usual as the people are distracted and bicker.

Spoil your ballots, spoil your ballots in protest.
Centralized power governance we must reject.
A lesser of two evils is still fucking evil.
Municipally lies the power of the people.

Not much is different when you head north of the border.
It's the same level of parliamentary corruption.
I cannot think of much distinctions between a liberal and a conservative.
These parties have been selling off this country's natural resources. It's all free trade so that big business gains the most.
Environmental protection and workers rights are lost.
It's privatization, it’s ugly corporate globalization.
They wonder when I vote, why I have such hesitation.
Track Name: Looks like A Duck
People don't seem to understand the word fascism.
It's more than a bunch of Nazis spouting anti-Semitic propaganda.
It's Christian fundamentalists forcing a church-run state. (That's fascism!)
Stopping abortion and funding anti-queer hate. (That's fascism!)

Rein in control of the right-wing media, slowly erode the people’s right to dissent.
So-called "champions of democracy" want to shatter it.
That's why we are here to prevent.

Danny Williams and his monopoly of power subsidies.
Pillage and plunder of Canada thanks to Harper and his cronies. Obama's militaristic band of imperialism for the modern day. Misinformation, distraction of the state, no more net neutrality.
Track Name: Tear Gas Masks
The police oppression still plagues the nation.
The brutalized during the occupation.
Smash heads without hesitation, graves are our new destination.
Tear gas masks needed for peaceful protest, chained-up citizens, democracy under arrest.

Dissent will lead to more action.
Take up arms, take up documentation.
Every single pig shall be held accountable, retribution will be paid in full. Beaten and bloodied students… at what point did we let it come to this?
Track Name: Ground Zero
We made this for ourselves, the bored urban/suburban youth.
A new alternative as we didn't want our parents’ truth.
A D.I.Y community that we all had built together.
This was Ground Zero, the Broadway Community Centre.

This is our home, we call it our own. D.I.Y in our hearts.
You can all take part if you want.

Every week or two, we were more than a punk show.
All genres in that narrow basement were welcome.
Hip-hop, acoustic, hardcore, skate punk to ska and reggae.
We danced hard, weekend freedom for kids to escape.
Track Name: Residental Schools
It was an eradication of a traditional, a spiritual way of life.
A colonialist white supremacy invaded and inflicted strife.
As the Christians raped and killed in the name of their saviour, this brutality was genocide, this was mass murder.

They told us we lived in sin, that they had the superior religion.
How could they inflict such oppression on the little children?
They told us we lived in sin, that they had a superior religion.
And they wonder why we don't trust the Christians?

As families were broken apart by the Canadian government’s instructions, these hellholes, the residential schools, were all church-run.
Man, fuck the priests and fuck the nuns, they beat and raped native children.
Inspired the racist, oppressive regime of the South Africans.

Land claims and treaties ignored, pushed to the brink of extinction. Decimation of so many nations, the Beothuks’ brutal devastation. Enough was enough! Militant uprisings, it was Oka everywhere.
No more clear cutting, no more illegal pillage of forest, land and water.
We fight for the giant turtle, we fight for the future, because if we will not fight, we wonder who will?
We fight for all the ones who succumbed to the concentration camps of residential schools.
We will never forget those lost, in their memory we demand justice in full. It's a start on a new era, reconciliation and growth.
Track Name: 10 Years of Resistance
After all these years, nothing has changed.
A mouth piece of resistance we still remain.
A growing part of a worldwide movement, we pledge our support to all insurgents.
We occupy everywhere, we fight to share, build fiscal equality, ‘cause we fucking care.
Sick and tired of the financial gap between the rich and poor, erosion of workers’ rights, to this we say, NO MORE!

We build this to break them down.
We are the cities, we are the towns.
We are everywhere, burning the banks to the ground.

They fear us more so everyday.
They cannot ignore the millions that feel betrayed.
Capitalist democracy has long failed us, their greed has left us in a worldwide financial crisis.
They try to curb our communication, our organizing tools.
We fight back anonymously, we break their rules.
This world belongs to us all, internationally in these movements.
To another 10 years of fighting, to 10 years of resistance.
Track Name: When All you Sing About is Politics, Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Fun!
When all you sing about is politics, sometimes you have to have fun. When all sing about is politics, you can come across like a self righteous prick.
Keep an open mind and open doors, never forget what you are fighting for

Sometimes you gotta have fun x2

Like making vegan food with your friends, having dance parties in the kitchen playing pinball to the wee hours, riding skateboards and pedal power

When all you sing about is politics, sometimes you gotta have fun.

Don't ever lose yourself, become disheartened and over run.
When the revolution doesn't come, please don't forget the struggle. Have love for friends, family and community
Let Loose and let's be free.

When you are down in the dirt and you want to give up. Remember we are here to stand shoulder to shoulder, we can help you get out of that rut.

Sometimes you wanna have fun.

Having some beers and blanket forts
Some punk rock league team sports
Going dancing with Emma Goldman
Cause she can two step and throw down.